The committee

A symposium needs to be organized by somebody. Each year another committee organizes the Arago Symposium. The committee is appointed by the board of S.V. Arago. Below the members of the symposium committee 2023-2024 are shown.

Remon te Brake – Chairman

Hey there! My name is Remon te Brake and I am 21 years old. I am a third-year student in applied physics. I am the chairman of the Symposium Committee 2024 of S.V. Arago. Besides my chairman duties which are mainly organisational, I keep myself busy in my spare time playing football and road bowling.

Julia Halfwerk – Secretary

Hi! I am Julia Halfwerk, 19 years old, and I am in my second year of the bachelor Applied Physics. As the secretary, my tasks include communication with the participants and support with other tasks of the committee. Next to this, I like to spend my free time dancing, running and meeting up with friends. I am looking forward to the symposium and hope you will join us for the day!

Anke de Haan – Treasurer

Hi! My name is Anke de Haan and I am 20 years old. I am in my second year of the bachelor Applied Physics. In my spare time, I like to swim or play games with my friends or roommates. For this symposium I am the treasurer, so I am responsible for the income and expenses of this symposium. I hope to see you all at the Arago Symposium 2024!

Inge Sies – External affairs

Hey! I’m Inge Sies and I am in my second year of the bachelor Applied Physics. In my free time I’m often busy with baking and dancing. As the commissioner of external affairs, I am responsible for arranging the sponsoring of the Symposium. I hope you all have a lovely and educational day at the Arago Symposium 2024.

Lucas Janssen – Commissioner of Speakers

Hey, my name is Lucas Janssen, a second-year student in the Bachelor of Applied Physics. I am the Commissioner of Speakers in the Arago Symposium Committee 2024. I keep myself busy with creating the speakers’ list for the symposium, communicating with potential speakers, and inviting them to speak at the symposium. This means that most of my work involves creating and sending emails to people :). The thing I like the most about being in the symposium committee is the opportunity to further my academic network and, of course, working together with my fellow committee members.

Gijs Frijters – Socials

Hey there! My name is Gijs Frijters and I am 18 years old. This is my first year studying physics here in Twente. In my spare time, I like to boulder in Enschede and join for improvisation theater at Pro Deo. As the person in charge of socials, I take care of our Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, manage this website and designed this year’s logo for example.