Turbulence is an important subject in the field of fluid dynamics. It is characterised by a fluid motion that is chaotic due to changes in pressure and flow velocity. Turbulence is commonly observed in everyday life in fast flowing rivers, storm clouds or smoke from a chimney. Richard Feynman even called turbulent fluids one of the most important unsolved problems in classical physics. It is a complex phenomenon that is nowadays still investigated theoretically, experimentally and numerically.

During this symposium eight speakers with different backgrounds will present their current research. Examples of subjects are thermally driven turbulence, measuring techniques in turbulent research and big data. Applications of turbulence will also be covered in talks about turbulence in aerospace engineering, in wind farms and in the heart and veins. You can find more information on the speakers in another part of the website.

The chairman of the symposium will be professor Detlef Lohse. He is the chair of the Physics of Fluids group at the University of Twente. He has won multiple awards on his work in fluid dynamics, such as the Max Planck Medal.