Each year study association Arago organizes a symposium on a current research topic in physics. Each year the board of Arago appoints a committee to manage this. The committee can be contacted by sending an e-mail to symposium@arago.utwente.nl This year the committee is occupied by:

Geert Heres – Chairman

My name is Geert Heres, I am 21 years old. Last year I finished the bachelors applied mathematics and applied physics and now I am doing the master applied physics. In my spare time I like to do Taekwondo and I am an editor of the Focus of S.V. Arago. The past three years, I really enjoyed the symposia of Arago. So, this year, I wanted to get involved in the organization myself. I am the chairman of the committee, which means that I am responsible for the general planning of the symposium. I hope that you have a nice day at the symposium.

Eva Krolis – Secretary

Hello everyone! My name is Eva Krolis, 21 years old and just finishing my bachelor Applied Physics. I have some organising experience in committees at S.V. Arago and a student orchestra, where I also did a board year. Next to that, I like to enjoy the student life to the fullest! Soon, I will start my Master’s in which I would like to specialize in fluids, so I really like the theme of this symposium. I am the secretary of the committee, which means that I am responsible for the communication between the committee and the participants of the symposium.

Laurens van Wijngaarden – Treasurer

Hi there! I am Laurens van Wijngaarden and this year I will be the treasurer of the symposium committee. After doing a board year at study association Arago and already having organized some other activities I am excited to now make the symposium a succes.

As the treasurer I am responsible for the income and expenses of our symposium. This means that I have to make the budget, keep it up to date with the latest numbers and at the end make compile all the income and expenses into a realization.

Hannah Brugge – External Affairs

Hello! My name is Hannah Brugge, I am 21 years old and I am in my fourth year of the study Applied Physics at the University of Twente. Last year I did a board year at the study association Arago, so that is why I am currently working on the last year of my bachelor. My function in the Symposium committee is Commissioner of External Affairs, which means I will focus on communication and collaboration with partners such as research groups, research institutes and companies. I hope to see you all at the symposium this year!

Lumen Eek – Speakers

Hello everybody! My name is Lumen Eek and I am a twenty-one years old. I am currently in the first year in my master Applied Physics and Theoretical Physics. After being the chairman of last year’s symposium committee, I was asked to join the committee again but this time as commissioner speakers. Organising the symposium is something I really enjoyed so I gladly accepted. As commissioner speakers it is my job to keep in contact with the speakers you will be seeing at the symposium. I am looking forward to the symposium and I hope to see you all there.